Value, Cleanliness & Security Are Key To Attracting Irish Consumers To Shopping Centres

  • CBRE Launches Ground-Breaking Research of 21,000 Shoppers Across Europe and 1,000 Shoppers in Ireland
  • Consumers Look for Price and Cleanliness Above All Else When Choosing Where to Shop
  • 90% of Consumers Purchase Goods In-store in Comparison to the 67% Who Buy Online

Dublin, 2 July 2014

Please see link further below to download a pdf copy of the CBRE Ireland Consumer Survey_Key Findings Summary 2014.


What makes a shopping location attractive?
Which methods to do you use throughout the shopping process?

The How Consumers Shop 2014 report which surveyed 1,000 consumers in Ireland, as part of a European wide study and asked what do consumers look for when choosing where to shop for non-food items, found that parking and the offer of free parking in a location can also be particularly influential for the consumer, who on average ranks these more important than the range of shops on offer.

Other key findings featured in the report include:

  • Travel convenience is another critical factor for the Irish consumer, with 56% of consumers travelling between 11 and 30 minutes to their main shopping location - slightly longer than the majority of European consumers who travel less than 15 minutes to their preferred shopping location.
  • Once the basic needs of price, cleanliness, security, parking and convenience have been met, it is the provision of retailers and the presence of specific retailers along with suitable services such as banks, that Irish consumers look for in their shopping location.
  • Similar to their European counterparts, Irish shoppers also see independent retailers, the fact that a centre is covered and the presence of at least one large fashion retailer as ‘fairly important’ when deciding where to shop.
  • Consumers do not rank additional catering facilities, entertainment options and events such as fashion shows as high in importance when choosing where to shop. However, unsurprisingly this varies with age.

"This survey has been particularly useful in learning exactly what it is that the consumer looks for when choosing where to shop. Although a considerable amount of investment has been placed on the additional services that a centre can offer to provide an enjoyable experience to the consumer, shopping centre managers must not lose sight of the basics such as price, convenience, cleanliness and security, as we have now quantified that these are essential, qualifying criteria that must be in place to meet consumer needs and attract consumers to their centre. Other services are essentially the glue that will keep the consumer at the centre for longer.”

  • Technology has become the tool with which consumers can now source, price and compare products as more consumers use laptops or mobile devices for researching products and prices than would visit a store to do so. However, when it comes to buying a product Irish consumers continue to favour visiting a physical store.
  • Almost all households surveyed in Ireland own either a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, however despite this 90% of consumers continue to buy their non-food products in store, in comparison to the 67% who buy online with a computer or laptop.
  • 80% of the consumers surveyed own a smartphone, however shopping on a mobile device is currently a minority pursuit, with just 16% of Irish consumers choosing to buy a non-food product using a smartphone.
  • 47% of Irish consumers go into a store more than once a week to either browse or buy a product, while a further 39% of consumers would visit a store on a monthly basis.
  • The use of online tools to purchase products is less frequent with only 9% of consumers purchasing an item online on a weekly basis, while 39% of Irish consumers would order an item online on a monthly basis.
  • Despite this lower frequency of activity online, just 7% of those Irish consumers surveyed by CBRE had never bought a product online.
  • 93% of consumers have bought an item online over a year period, 55% of consumers have compared a product online when in store, 64% of consumers have click- and-collected and over half of those consumers have gone on to buy other products in store when collecting their online order.

“From a multi-channel retail aspect, this survey has given some great insight into the Irish consumer’s shopping process and shown us just how the Irish consumer juggles a range of channels in the research and buying process of a non-food item and most interestingly, how it has not been to the detriment of the physical store. We can now see for the first time just how technologically savvy the Irish consumer has become and how important all channels are for ensuring the right product is bought at the right price in the right location. This is great news for retailers that have already embraced the online platform and perhaps a wakeup call for those still considering the jump online”.



Notes to editors:

  • What consumers want from their shopping experience.
  • The role that shopping destinations of different kinds play in this.
  • The changing way in which the consumer manages the online and in-store world.
  • The differences that exist between countries and the explanations for them.

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CBRE Ireland Consumer Survey_Key Findings Summary 2014